Major Studio DVD

In this latest iteration we have included EST release dates in this report as well as DVD release dates. EST releases are often in advance of the DVD release. In the DVD sections, the DVD release date is used. In the “EST” sections of the report, the earliest release date to the home, whether EST, DVD or another method, is used.

EST is for purchase only, meaning lower-priced rentals and subscriptions are not available. While still a fraction of total home revenue – $1.5 billion compared to total home entertainment revenue of $17.8 billion in 2014 – it is growing rapidly, up 30% last year.

We have included data on EST release dates back to 2012, when the practice of moving the EST release ahead of DVD first took hold.



Major Studio Release Windows DVD

Major Studio Release Windows EST

Studio 4 Month Chart DVD 9.22.15

Studio 3 month chart EST 9.22.15

Major Studio Release Window Averages 9.22.15

video windows averages by gross 9.22.15

Mini-Major Release and Announcement Windows 9.22.15

Video Windows Grosses MAJOR 9 22 15

Video WIndows Grosses MINI-MAJOR 9.22.15